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In the dynamic world, one cannot hold on to a technology for a very long time. In context of batteries, Lithium battery is the competitive edge you can have over your competitors. Whether for solar portable/stationary devices, or electrical vehicles, medical or any other application, one can rely on Lithum batteries way more than the conventional battery packs because of their high efficiency and performance.

Incredior’s battery packs are equipped with standard BMS protection. Moreover, the Lithium battery has lower rate of self-discharge than other rechargeable cells. One major lithium battery advantage is that they do not require and maintenance to ensure their performance.

Battery Packs size and configurations can be customized as per the requirements of the customers.

Incredior Technologies offers a wide range of battery solutions dedicated for Solar and Electric Vehicle applications. With supreme quality and affordable range, Incredior Technology is working towards providing the best in class solutions for renewable energy battery systems under the brand name Incredior Energy.




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The batteries comes with a prior 1 year warranty extendable upto 5 years. Contact us for more details at:

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